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Facing the Myths of Seeking Treatment from a Drug Rehab Center

There are many myths about asking for help, and many of these opinions are likely to have originated from those who do not wish to face the possibility of suffering addiction; a disease beyond your control, and making the effort to take control.

Believing these myths can be easy, especially if you want to believe them, but it is also a symptom of addiction to be unwilling to face another route and to look for "excuses".

Myth 1: A Drug Rehab Center is for "Quitters"

Okay, this is more a joke than anything but the actual purpose of saying "rehab is for quitters" is really not that funny. Rehab is for "quitters"... quitters of bad habits. Those with the strength to face reality will recognize that drug addiction is no laughing matter. Those suffering drug addiction will eventually realize the only way to regain control is to ask for help at a drug rehab center.

Myth 2: You Don't Need a Drug Rehab Center to Quit Drugs

Maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to quit drugs on your own. Maybe, just maybe you'll even be able to stay clean for as long as several weeks. In extremely rare cases, you'll even be able to stay clean for several months to a year. However, without seeking help at a drug rehab center...relapse is inevitable. So the truth is, you never did recover from drug addiction. You tried, and that's a start, but only a drug rehab center can help you fully recover from a drug addiction.

Myth 3: Asking for Help from a Drug Rehab Center is a Sign of Weakness

Quite the contrary, actually. Asking for help from a drug rehab center is a sign of strength. The difference between courage and ego is the ability to admit when you can not do it on your own. This is also the difference between success and repeated failure.

Myth 4: A Residential Drug Treatment Center Can Feel Like a Prison

In some ways, this can be partly true because addiction will still be partly present, and an individual may strongly desire the "freedom" to return to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, in most cases an individual will have a deeper drive to continuously pursue their treatment, with the right motivation to live a healthier, happier life. A person who actively participates in the programs at a drug rehab center will never feel "trapped."

Myth 5: A Drug Rehab Center Feels like Punishment

Again, the truth is quite the opposite. A drug rehab center is not a prison, and it is known that drug addiction is not something to be punished. During your stay at a drug rehab center, you will have access to many luxuries available on the facilities, and the staff will do everything possible to make your stay at the drug rehab center as comfortable as possible.

However, a drug rehab center is also not a vacation. You are there with a purpose, a mission to face addiction, understand your personal challenges, and to develop strategic plans for maintaining a healthier lifestyle so that when you are released from the drug rehab center you can live a happier, more productive life.