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Serene Recovery from Drug Addiction at a California Drug Rehab Facility

Okay, recovery from drug addiction never will be completely serene and peaceful. No brochure or pamphlet should ever suggest otherwise. A drug rehab center is not a day spa. You are not interested in a California drug rehab center to receive a mud pack facial and massage while enjoying the cool coastal climates and majestic mountain views.

You are looking at a California drug rehab to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. If you begin the process with false illusions of a peaceful, relaxing get a way than you will be in for a huge disappointment.

For example, when you begin the detoxification process: do not be fooled into thinking that detoxification is a relaxing experience as you cleanse. Yes, you will be cleansing your body and your mind, but detoxification at a California drug rehab involves eliminating harmful chemicals and toxins from your body that have developed a physical control over you.

To put it simply, these harmful substances will not go easily. Your body, and mind, will be at war for some time, and you will not be able to rest your way through this process. Fortunately, a California drug rehab will offer medical staff members available to you around the clock to help ease discomfort. Medication is often available to lessen withdrawal symptoms.

While a California drug rehab does offer cool coastal climates and majestic mountain views, it is unlikely you will be willing to appreciate these things until after the detoxification portion of your addiction recovery program has been completed.

Fortunately, California drug rehabs do offer luxuries for you to enjoy during your stay, and you are likely to enjoy these things while you complete your addiction recovery program. There will be a large screen television to watch, billiards and other games, and even a swimming pool for exercise and, yes, relaxing.

However, one must remain focused on the point of attending a California drug rehab is not to escape from the daily hustle and bustle. One visits a California drug rehab to escape from the control that an addiction has taken over their life.

After detoxification at a California drug rehab, one is able to appreciate the views and atmosphere as they complete the programs needed to return to the real world, free from addiction. Such programs include group counseling and individual counseling, 12 step programs, and education about addiction including triggers and effects.

Surely you would not want to complete these programs in an ugly, uncomfortable atmosphere and that is why a California drug rehab offers a serene recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. However, this does not imply in any way that the recovery process itself will be serene and peaceful.