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When to Seek Help from a Drug Rehab Center

It isn't always clear to someone with an addiction when they need to seek the help of a drug rehab center. It is also common for an individual who is addicted to drugs to be in denial of their addiction, or convinced that they possess the ability to end their drug use any time they want.

In many cases, an intervention of family and friends is necessary to convince the individual that they need the help of a drug rehab center. So, if you believe you or your loved one is in need of a stay at a drug rehab center, be sure to seek help to learn the most effective ways to discuss considering a drug rehab center with a loved one.

What to Expect in a Drug Rehab Center

An individual's course of treatment at a drug rehab center will depend upon the type and severity of the addiction but the programs available at a drug rehab center typically fall under the following categories.
  • Step One: Assessment

    Immediately after entering a drug rehab center, you will be introduced to a medical professional who will ask you a plethora of questions. This initial drug rehab center assessment is used to determine the treatment program best suited to your needs.

    During your assessment, you will be asked questions regarding your own and your family's medical and mental history, as well as social history such as marital status or employment status. It is imperative that you answer each question with honesty so that you can be assured the necessary and most beneficial treatment program at the drug rehab center.
  • Step Two: Detox

    Detox is necessary because the rest of your treatment at the drug rehab center cannot be completed until your body is free from the addictive substance. During this process, medical staff is available to assist, sometimes by giving medication, with the pain associated with withdrawal from the physical control of drug addiction.
  • Step Three: Behavioral Therapy

    Behavioral therapy at your drug rehab center will provide you with the necessary tools to fight your addiction. During drug rehab center behavioral therapy, you will discover the reasons behind your addiction, as well as methods to fight cravings and avoid situations that cause you to abuse drugs. Your drug rehab center therapist will also provide you with training on what to do if you do relapse or feel the urge to do so.

    Drug rehab center therapy often includes both individual and group therapy, and also frequently involves family therapy. Your drug rehab center may also provide you with opportunities to make your integration back into society a smooth one through job skill training as well as financial tips and social techniques.

Going Home from a Drug Rehab Center

When your drug rehab center medical advocate determines that you are well equipped to reenter society, you will be discharged from the drug rehab center. You will leave with a new understanding of yourself and your own strength. You will also leave with tips and techniques on how to avoid falling back into your old habits. If you do find yourself relapsing, or tempted to relapse, your drug rehab center is always there to fall back on.