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Helping a Loved One into a Drug Rehab

It is the sad reality of drug addiction that the individuals who would most benefit from drug rehab are also the ones in denial that they have an addiction. Loving friends and family can assist these individuals and encourage them to enroll in drug rehab through discussion and sometimes intervention.

If you suspect that your loved one needs the help of drug rehab to kick their addiction, do not hesitate to get them the help they need. Drug addiction is treatable, and the sooner drug rehab begins, the better for both success and the health of the individual.

Entering Drug Rehab

When an individual enters drug rehab, they are put into the care of an immensely knowledgeable staff as well as highly trained medical professionals. In addition, drug rehab offers facilities that are provided to offer comfort during a difficult and tiring treatment. Drug rehab is not intended to punish the individual suffering from the addiction, it is meant to help them treat their addiction and learn how to prevent a relapse.

What to Expect During Drug Rehab

There are a number of aspects of drug rehab that take place from admission into drug rehab to discharge from drug rehab. Each step is essential for the success of the individual and necessary to assure them the best opportunities for beating their addiction.
  • Step One: Health Assessment

    After being admitted to drug rehab, an individual will be asked a number of personal questions. These questions are used to assess the severity of the individual´┐Żs addiction which will be used to determine the necessary drug rehab program. In addition to questions about their addiction, an individual will be asked to divulge their medical and mental history, as well as the medical and mental health history of close relatives.
  • Step Two: Drug Detox

  • The next step in drug rehab is detox, where the body is physically cleansed from the control of drug related chemicals. During detox, the individual is monitored closely by medical personnel who are there to offer any assistance needed, including medication, to lessen the pain associated with withdrawal.
  • Step Three: Therapy

  • Drug rehab involves working on both the mental and physical aspects of drug addiction. This is why therapy during drug rehab is enormously beneficial. During drug rehab therapy, individuals are given the opportunity to discover the reasons behind their addiction, and are provided with the knowledge and tools to set them up for success when they reenter society.
    Often, drug rehab therapy goes beyond individual counseling. Many drug rehab programs also provide group therapy as well as family therapy to afford the individual the most success.

What to Expect After Drug Rehab

Throughout drug rehab, an individual is assessed on a number of factors. When it is deemed that they are capable of functioning in society, the individual's medical advocates will discharge them from drug rehab.

After being discharged from drug rehab, the individual will go reenter into society carrying with them a new understanding of themselves and their strength as an individual. They will also leave drug rehab with training on how to avoid relapsing. But, should an individual feel the need, the drug rehab facility will always be available for ongoing support.