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Axis Residential Treatment Center Philosophy

Axis Residential Treatment Philosophy

We strive to offer residents the combination of a comfortable setting and demanding treatment program to discover their new sober identities. We also incorporate a large amount of family oriented treatments to start healing the rifts that addiction causes over time. Please call (760) 469-8275 for more information or to arrange a tour.


"I had been attempting to get sober for over 17 years before entering Axis. Axis gave me the foundation to recreate my life. For this experience I am forever grateful." - Josh L.

Treatment Program Philosophy

Axis Residential Treatment values the Twelve Step model of recovery and is dedicated to recovering one day at a time. There are individuals that will not always value the Twelve Step model and we recognize their issues to bring about permanent change. We believe in providing individual care and always maintain a high staff to client ratio. We continually update the methods of care and our facilities to provide cutting edge treatment with time honored values.

Our Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab facility offers effective treatments to individuals who are chemical dependent. We are the top provider of drug and alcohol rehab in California.

Our treatment program has five main goals:

  • Eliminate physical and psychological dependency on drugs and/or alcohol
  • Meet clients' educational, spiritual, emotional and physical needs
  • Introduce clients to the Twelve Steps
  • Offer treatment to families and loved ones who have been affected by addiction
  • Implement a post-discharge continuing care plan and referral source

Eliminate your addiction at one of the top alcohol treatment centers in Palm Springs. Axis Residential Treatment provides first-rate alcohol rehab in California in just 12 easy steps.

Axis Residential Treatment offers effective drug and alcohol rehab Los Angeles and various other parts of California. Our California drug rehab center provides effective drug and alcohol programs and treatments to individuals looking to overcome their addiction, rebuild their lives and successfully return to society as a productive member.

If you or a loved one needs alcohol rehab in Los Angeles or addiction treatment in Riverside Axis Residential Treatment is the ideal California drug rehab facility.

We have helped many alcoholics and addicts attain long-term sobriety by learning and mastering the tools of recovery. When our patients participate in the Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab programs offered to them they will learn how to refrain from the use of alcohol and any other mind-altering substance to promote a healthier, sober way of living.