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Gaming Addiction Program Details

Gaming addiction is a major concern in today's digital world. While many studies are inconclusive, and those exhibiting addictive behavior while playing video games are often times misunderstood, there is little question that many in today's society are moving away from outdoor activity and developing more and more of a psychological dependence on so-called 'cyber-pursuits'.

Gaming addiction is a growing epidemic; it robs those afflicted of life's natural and pivoting outdoor activities, as well as disconnecting them from their loved ones. Just like with drug addiction a compulsive gamer will spend hours a day chasing a psychological effect; just like drug addiction a gamer gets a physical high from the release of dopamine in the body. The similarities of that chase, of those feelings, of the isolation from people and environment, have caused many addiction experts to classify gaming addiction as a disease.

At Axis Residential Treatment we have a treatment for gaming addiction. We begin by giving the afflicted information about their problem. From there we work with our clients through the 12 step model of addiction treatment. Axis places special emphasis on re-acclimating with the 'outside' natural environment, and personal relations. Our recovery model can help you or your loved one to recover from the very serious problem of gaming addiction. Call us today to get the help you need.